4 Things To Do at Disneyland | Secret Things To Do

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Having visited Disneyland many times and I realized there are things that you can do at the resort that many people may not realize are available to do or may have simply overlooked. In this 3 part post, I will first let you know what secret/overlooked things you can do at Disneyland, then in the second part what you can do at Disney’s California Adventure park and then what you can do at the Disneyland Hotels resort hotels.

Here are 4 things most people don’t realize you can do at while visiting Disneyland.

disney secrets

1. Musical Chairs with Alice and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Everyday at around 2:30 pm at Coke Corner on Main Street, Alice and the Mad Hatter with an occasional surprise guest, shows up for a fun game of Musical Chairs. This is not like any normal game of musical chair, the Mad Hatter each round tells you something to do whether you are hoping like a rabbit, pretending to be a pirate or the Mad Hatter might just make you chase down your chair with each round being accompanied by a pianist playing a musical selection to fit the Mad Hatter’s theme. This fun game is something kids will remember being able to play at Disneyland.


2. Riding Tender on the Disneyland Railroad. Riding tender, you may be asking what that is but at Disneyland you and 1 guest get the chance to ride up front with the train’s engineer on either C.K. Holliday (Engine #1) and the E.P. Ripley (Engine #2). To ride tender all you have to do is ask the Conductor at the Main Street Train Station if you could ride Tender and they will either let you ride or they will tell you a time to check back to see if  you might be able too. Sometimes riding Tender is not available but the Conductor at the Train Station will let you know.


3. Steering the Mark Twain on the Rivers of America. One cool thing about riding on the Mark Twain is the chance to be able to visit the wheelhouse and steer the Mark Twain along the Rivers of America. To be able to do this all you have to do is ask a Cast Member at the Mark Twain nicely. While up in the wheelhouse don’t forget to sign the guestbook.


4. Riding in the “Lilly Belle” Presidential Train Car. Have you noticed that special red caboose on the one of the trains? Did you know that car is named Lilly Belle who it is named after Walt Disney’s wife Lillian? Did you know anyone could ride in this special car? All you have to do is ask the Conductor at the Main Street Train Station if you can ride in the Lilly Belle and they will either give you a time to return or if no one is riding it when it comes around they will allow you to ride in it. Plus at the end of your trip around Disneyland, you might be lucky enough to score a specially Lilly Belle train ticket. Please note that  Sometimes riding in the Lilly Belle is unavailable and  Club 33 members are high priority so they can bump you from riding in the car if they want to ride it.


Part 2 Disney’s California Adventure (not so) Secret things to do and Part 3 Disneyland Resort Secret Things to See and Do.